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Would be cool, if u could move the dynamic VGClass type stuff(methods,properties) into an interface and release the (stub) implementations in seperate "classname".dlls. So me and others can exchange the DLLs with their own implementations w/o hackzoring ur EXE code.


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The last time I spoke to blazer, he mentioned that he intended to make it all open source once he had it all where he wanted it to be. (ie: So people wouldn't have the urge to reorganize it and/or screw around with the way it's designed.)

However, he may have changed his mind on that, I'm not sure. Either way though, I'm sure he'll have to provide a methodology for people to create/modify the class specific information.


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Its going to all be open source, hence the ease of reversing the exe.
Expect the source to be released by the end of the week as im still in the process of rearranging code.
It will be designed so that you can implement the combat routines how you see fit.
Obviously it will be a work in progress, and any input, suggestions or whatever to make it better is always always welcome.

Like many others, this is my first C# app in Innerspace, and I hope to provide a solid implementation so that others can learn from it, including myself.
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