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  1. neum

    neum Active Member

    I play on and off over the years and just reinstalled everything. When I loaded the game up I noticed a few thing were different, like fog and haze were back in the game when ISXEQ2 is loaded and I take damage from drowning. Are these gone now or is the problem on my end? I read something from Jun 28, 2016
    * The 'EQ2UIPage' datatype is now renamed to 'eq2window'
    * All changes from versions 20150820.0002 and 20160621.0003 have been
    reverted and the entries here in this file have been removed.
    * The following METHODS have been removed from the 'isxeq2' datatype:
    1. ShowWelcomeInfoWindow
    2. EB
    3. EnduringBreath
    4. NoFog
  2. Kevinshp

    Kevinshp Well-Known Member

    yes these have been removed as daybreak was flagging them.
  3. neum

    neum Active Member

    well darn, Thanks for the reply.
  4. IDBurner

    IDBurner New Member

    This part can at least be done via UI mods.

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