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  1. popo

    popo Active Member

    maintenance day......
  2. stike100

    stike100 Member

    OK, I might be doing something wrong.
    1. Let the patcher do the force update.
    2. Copied everquest2.exe from ISXwebsite.
    3. Loaded Innerspace
    4. Launched EQ2 through innerspace
    5. Keep getting error saying "The client's version does not match the server's. Please rerun the patcher. " I can get into the game no problem through EQ2 Launchpad, only getting this issue after copying the ISX everquest2.exe into EQ2 folder. Do I need to do something else that I not thinking of? Patched the last few without issues, so not sure.
  3. cruicexl

    cruicexl Active Member

    The exe file has not been updated yet. If you notice it has a date on it of 4/17. Need to wait till you see today's date.
  4. Eyedea

    Eyedea Active Member

    All you have to do is update EQ2 via the launchpad on forced patch days. Then wait for Amadeus to patch ISX, you should not need to download the exe file very often, if ever. ISX will be down until he patches it this evening or could be a few days even.
  5. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    Yes, if the game complains about the current Executable, then you patch YOURSELF...and wait.

    The only reason you should ever need to download the executable from my website is if you're away from EQ2 (on vacation, gone for while, etc.) and you update PAST the version that ISXEQ2 is using. Then you would download it per the instructions.

    I get the feeling there are people downloading the EverQuest2.exe every patch -- that's just silly. ISXEQ2 always uses the latest 'forced' version of EverQuest2.exe. So, if you're playing regularly, you should never need to download the executable from my website.
  6. LRonSmith

    LRonSmith Active Member


    Thanks for this post. I had been doing exactly that, manually downloading the exe every patch. It is the weekend so I am spinning up eq2. I launched my characters, saw I needed to patch, patched with the launcher, then came here to get the current exe. As you pointed out, and I just verified for myself, I do not need to manually download the exe. In my defense I am returning to eq2 after a bit of time and my kung fu is weak.
  7. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    I suppose my message at the top of the download page wasn't clear enough. I just updated it.

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