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  1. newboi

    newboi New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've been away for years and recently returned and hooked back in. I mised tons of content, lost my log in details for my 7 old accounts, and started 6 more.

    Been having a lot of fun relearning how to play, and box etc. and have got them all up very slowly to mid 100s while wading through the tide of old grey content crap needed to just get viable.

    My first team is SK/DEF/INQ/COE/CONJ/DIRGE, my second team slowly starting is MONK/MYST/TROUB/LOCK/COE/CONJ and my 3rd in the infancy is similar to the first team.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to a really solid 6 man team to do heroics with which to spend my level 100 free boosts on please?

    Thanks much!
  2. mamrono

    mamrono Active Member

    I run SK, Inq, Mystic,Ranger, Dirge and Coercer or if you have ogre you can run what Kannkor runa dn you have all his profiles ready.
  3. Eragoneq2

    Eragoneq2 Well-Known Member

    I run Pally, Trouby, Illy, lock, Mystic and Fury it works awesome. We can do all the expert zones without any problems.
  4. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    My group is Zerk, Def, Temp, Coecer, Ranger, Dirge. Solid as for heroics.
  5. avatarofwar

    avatarofwar Member

    I run two groups; we do all Expert content w/o the aid of the 'uber' potion:

    Zerker / Warlock / Troubador / Conjuror / Warden / Defiler
    Monk / Ranger / Dirge / Coercer / Templar / Mystic

    I honestly don't know how anyone runs group these days without a Warden / Coercer / BL since they are the only reliable mana-feed classes in-game currently, and there is *so much* content that just ganks your group's mana to nothing.
  6. newboi

    newboi New Member

    Thanks for these chaps, I went ahead and made a team Guard/Warden/Troub/Conj/Defiler/Coercer, but they have been just put in storage now as I've been away for so long I had to start again and my main team is taking forever to build.. WAs so much easier playing eq2 when I wasn't married haha.

    I've just finished KA/PoP sigs, Panda lines, crafting all up 110 and muting, adorning etc. I knew it was pointless but i poked my head in Inno for a look at it tooks about 10 minutes to kill one group haha, so now I think I need to backtrack and do a few things lol.

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