Ghost site script


knocked up a little script to find ghost sites.

1. unzip the file into \scripts\ghost.
2. Setup a load of waypoints or a destination.
3. Run the script "run ghost/ghost"

The script will :
- Undock if docked
- Scan the system for anomalies
- Play a sound and pause the script if it finds an anomaly with the text "Covert" in it (I've only ever scanned in null sec but assume high / low sec ghost sites all have "covert" in the name, if not let me know).
- If it doesn't find a site, turn on autopilot and proceed to next system.
- Turn on covert ops module if one exists.

I use it with a cloaky, nullified tengu.

Note: It doesn't do any checking for hostiles!!

Forums are playing up, when you click on the link in says it's downloading attachemnts.php - just rename it



Hmm, can't edit my own post now .....

Updated the script to approach the out gate as very occasionally I would drop out of warp and sit just outside of jump range.


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