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This is a modified and updated version of the original GoToBM script by Amadeus:

It is perfect for anyone running Indies through HighSec (Especially now with the new ore/ammo/mineral ships) or anything else you can think of using it for... Tanked Orca Freighter?

It does the following:
Undock(if you're not in space)
Fire up the tank(if you have supported modules)
Warp to Undock BM(if there is one in system/range)
Set Destination(if you specified one)
Set Autopilot
Pulse Fire AB/MWD(if you have one)

After a jump it will:
Pulse Fire AB/MWD
Reactivate Tank

Once docked:
Script will end with a travel time in console (for people like me who want to know how long it actually took to eat a sandwich waiting for the ship to complete its run)

If you have Undock bookmarks in place it will automatically use them before starting the autopilot:
Your undock bookmark name needs to start with "Undock"

It will automatically activate defensive modules if they are equipped:
Damage Control
Shield Hardener
Armor Hardener
Reactive Armor Hardener

When your autopilot initiates warp it will pulse fire your propulsion modules that are equipped (Great for Orca hauling or even some of the slower Indies):
Microwarp Drive

It will only use 1 propulsion module and it can't tell the difference between the two, so only equip 1.

My personal use for this is an faster alternate to a freighter. I have tanked up a bunch of Kryos that my mining pilots use, filled to the brim with minerals that I haul as a group to Jita. Once they're all full I just "Relay all run goto jita"


Run GoTo BookmarkName

Alternate Usage:
Destination preset by you (Should be a station)

Run Goto


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