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NameStardogs HealBot

Special note: You must delete the Vanguard/Bin/Default.cfg file (this is the config file). as this format is incompatible sorry

Description A healing assistant for 2 boxers or healers that wanna afk.
This is a fully graphical application, there are no script files to edit. it is all done via user interaction.
if there is a particular item or function that you would like to have the ability to designate, implement or have. let me know i will try my best to add it.

New to Version
Tweaked the healing even further.
Added on group join from master to auto accept.

New to Version
Added Checkbox to force bot to only heal and buff. (not fight). -- requested by level 50's
added checkbox to force bot to not follow anyone/. -- requested by level 50's
Added a healTank () that is called prior to any other healing -- request by level 50's

-added a bunch of extra checks to make sure your on the right target. When assisting the tank.
-Added Configurable boxes to excecute commands givin from your master. Put your Trigger text in the appropriate box. (currently only group commands are accepted) (More to come as you request them).
-- Changed the Pulses around to A new order, Heal->Follow->Combat.->buffs
--Fixed the File config problem.

Installation Extract HealBot.exe to your "Innerspace/.Net Programs/" directory
To Run Make sure isxvg is running by typing ext isxvg in the innerspace console/
-Type the command "dotnet healbot" without the quotes into the innerspace console

You will also want to be in windowed mode, I run in Innerspace Full screen mode SHIFT+ALT+F
Or type in FullScreen In your vanguard Startup in innerspace. ( this lets you play in full screen mode but it thinks its a window)

Go through each tab and set up your information, you will have to have a Master and a Tank to do anything. Master is who can give you commands and who you follow. Tank is Who you you assist in combat.

After you have your Skills set up, Click Config->SaveConfig.. then Config->Apply settings
(This will load up your currrent settings and save your config into your Vanguard/Bin directory)

Mode -> Auto On will put the bot into auto mode, it will then follow your master, Heal people, give out buffs every hour or 30 mins.. or when someone joins. And it will fight by assisting your tank.

There are also Master commands that will trigger events based on what you type all of which are customizable via the interface.

Features Heals group members, Assists tank, Loots, snares, fights, follows through water, hills, chunks. Buffs. Accepts commands from the master and the master only.

Features to come Automatic Repairing of gear and selling of cash loot. Plus whatever anyone suggests provided i have time.

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Updates 4-18-07

Fixed a config file save issue.
changed it so the healing thread can pause the combat thread.
Added an extra assist tank routine into the combat loops.
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