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OK, i wirte a new thread here, maybe i have mor luck to get some answers then in IRC.

So, after a ban in eve online, where they checked my client, and have seen that i had modified my client,
they gave me an permaban.

after some mails between me, and some ccp admins, and some months of waiting and excuses frome my side :) , they unbaned me a cuples a day before now.

so i am back online in the game, but i dlike to use those hacks again. Maybe not just right now, bc i think they will check me again for some weeks or so.

But if i will start over again, do you guys have some tipps or hints for me, to play more legit?

How do you guys play the game?

Thanks in advance


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So, no nothing here? Even in IRC is no one.....
You didn't ask a question on said "anyone here" and then left ...that's not how IRC works. You ask your questions and then wait for someone to come back to the computer who can answer it. Unless there is an active conversation going on, no one is going to sit there staring at the screen waiting for someone to ask "is anyone here".

You're also asking a question that has been answered many times. The safest way to play EVE with isxeve is to do so while always at the computer (i.e., never bot afk.) If you let the game play while you're afk, you'll eventually get caught...sooner or later. But, if you're at the computer you can typically respond when questioned. And, in general, avoid LOOKING like a robot.

Otherwise, there are no magic answers. Botting software, by nature (and for any game), is meant to be used on non-primary accounts so that it's not painful if the account is banned. I've used it on my primary account since, I know it's safe ...but, I'm also willing to take that risk. I also avoid LOOKING like a bot and afk botting ...I use ISXEVE to make things easier to play the game ...not to play the game for me.


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hello amadeus,
the problem with irc chanel is probably the time delay between me and other ppl all over the world. i am online when ppl ar asleep or at work.
i know, ppl dont sit there and wait for my call, unless i asked it clearly many times, i think. :)
but when i return back at home, my chanel was allways closed, and i couldnt read what ppl possible answered.

so, i will try the bot again, maybe i have some luck, and they dont check me instant.

thx anyway for your post
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When I finish my move and get settled at my new promotion/job I'll be looking at continuing development of Astro Bot. Things kinda got delayed more than I was expecting, but such is life.
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