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  1. wolfstrike

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    So what Im looking to do is write a few line that would target another player and click the item
    Im currently using VG-DSC and love it and have made small changes to it to make things like the counter fire off more often.Small things.
    i can make sense out of how to change some things but as far as writing something im clueless. So im basically looking to click my epic on a designated player and rinse and repeat
    that on a 60 sec basis.

    macro I would use in game would be like

    /targetauto "playername"
    /itemuse "Wind Blade of Magic"

    Im sure this would be able to setup for some of you experienced people. Any help would be great!

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  3. yumel

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    Do you want it to hit your macro in the event you change your weapon or script it to target the player and use the weapon?

    Because one requires you to modify the script in the event you upgrade weapons and the other only requires you to keep the hotkey in the same location.

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