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  1. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    If you are now crashing (regardless of what operating system you're using), it is because of a recent update to InnerSpace. Please follow the suggestions made in this thread in order to revert your installation until the situation has been fixed.

    If you are a NEW subscriber to isxGames (ISXEQ2, ISXVG, or ISXEVE)...then read my last posting on this thread FIRST!


    ...now, back to Kannkor:

    Updated Note: Depending on which version of Innerspace is up (they have been changing daily) you may experience problems. Below is the last known stable version for all operating systems.

    Innerspace was recently updated and now there is a problem. There are compatability problems with Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Innerspace, and ISXEQ2. Lax and Amadeus are working on finding and fixing the problem. There are different problems with some of the versions, and depending if you are a new, or existing user. Here are two choices to deal with the situation.

    1) Don't use isxeq2 with Win XP until it's fixed.

    2) Temporary work around: Use the previous version of Innerspace and don't patch it.
    To do this follow these steps.
    In the innerspace patcher, turn off patching.
    Once it is turned off, close innerspace completely.
    Go here and download the file: http://www.lavishsoft.com/downloads/Lavish.InnerSpace.5039.zip
    Extract the contents to your innerspace folder. (I don't recommend you patch your .xml files as they hold your settings).
    Load innerspace as normal and enjoy eq2. Check back here frequently to find when it has been resolved and you can turn patching back on.

    ***Update 1*** - Patch has been temporary removed and re-added back to development.
    ***Update 2*** - Patch is back.. same general errors happening
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  2. Hendrix

    Hendrix Well-Known Member

  3. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    By the way, if you're using Windows 7 and getting the crash/freeze, it may be because you're running InnerSpace in "Windows XP compatability mode".

    Turn that shit off. Turn it off on pretty much everything. You all do realize that windows xp was replaced in early 2007, right?
  4. notme

    notme Active Member

    The latest patch to IS on my XP machine seems to have done the trick. I only used craft but that works perfectly. Im not patching again so I don't jinx it lol.
  5. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    If you are a NEW subscriber and things are crashing right as the window pops up for your login and password. This information is for you:

    • Lax knows about this bug and is working on it.
    • You can get around the problem by shutting everything down and following the instructions in either of these threads:
    - ISXEQ2: http://www.isxgames.com/HOWTOs/HOWTO-Manually_Enter_ISXEQ2_Sub_Info.html
    - ISXEVE: http://www.isxgames.com/HOWTOs/HOWTO-Manually_Enter_ISXEVE_Sub_Info.html
    - ISXVG: http://www.isxgames.com/HOWTOs/HOWTO-Manually_Enter_Sub_Info.html
  6. Valerian

    Valerian ISX Specialist

    I wrote a simple little app to assist with setting the correct ownership and permissions for Windows Vista/7 users. Run this app as admin, and allow it to update your permissions to correct many patching and other permissions related issues!

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  7. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    That .exe is legit. I know it's scary downloading unknown .exe's (and you should always be careful); however, I'm letting you know that it is safe and to feel free to run it through virus checkers if you wish.
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