If you are crashing when loading ISXEVE


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I'm still trying to determine the cause of this; however, "auto" loading ISXEVE seems to be causing crashes for some folks.

So, if you are crashing when you try using ISXEVE, then follow these steps:

- Right click on the innerspace icon and choose "Configuration"
- Click on the "Game Configuration" tab at the top
- Choose your EVE game from the drop down

(- At this point you MAY have to choose a profile from the drop down box labeled "profile")
- Click on the "Startup" button
- Click on the line in the box (on the left) that says "Load ISXEVE" (or something similar)
- Click on the "Remove" button
- Click the "Apply" button

Now, once you're in the game, just open the innerspace console with the tilde key (~) and type ext isxeve. This will load ISXEVE.

I will be looking for a better solution to all of this in the future. Also, if you are NOT crashing, then you can ignore this entire message.

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