I'm stuck! Help please!


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I'm having a similar issue with a new install on a laptop.
Error Can't create directory... yada yada
Error Access Denied
During SVN Check Out.

OS WIN 7 64

I have no SVN folders in my system (green check on folder icon). I have uninstalled/reinstalled 4x's.

Also, I'm impressed you knew the link for the repository. From what I can gather you can only find that link during the "Brand spanking new install" with a new Sub.

I spent an hour plus, searching the forums. I instantly found the eq2 URL and Eve URL.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

***for future searchs***
ISXVG SVN repository http://www.isxgames.com/isxScripts/Vanguard (LavishScript)/Scripts/

I also searched the www for answer to my permission? issue. Everything related to OS tweeking with SVN was
waaaay over my head. I found one that seemed feasible using the command prompt but, it had a warning if it was entered incorrectly it could cause sever system damage... so...
Also, since SVN becomes part of explorer, you can't not Run As Administrator.


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You can attempt this. It's in the sticky "Official Release"
create a folder. Name it whatever (ISXVG scripts), i.e.
Right click on this folder.
Left click SVN Checkout
you'll get a popup.
enter that link you posted in the repository directory.
click OK.

See what happens...

I just got this method to work by creating the folder c:\program files\vg scripts
So, make your new folder OUTSIDE of innerspace.

I still can't update the folders, no SVN logos... /sigh
Guess I'll have to wait till I'm off the road and look at my desktop pathes.
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