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  1. eddie43302

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    Im interested and wanna update my profiles for my inquis and mystic.. any ubah elite profiles out there anyone wanna share.. i mainly keep my healers in heal spec just an fyi..I no longer do any type of ez mode zones i only do hardmode.. i have almost cleared all 3 hardmode instances..district,lyceum cleared only have dracur left.. i wanna see if anyone has any better profiles to where they are like a juggernaut group never dying.. dont get me wrong i can clear the above but it still sucks when you still wipe.. im hoping to not wipe at all!
  2. Kevinshp

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  3. deathskillz

    deathskillz Member

    I'm in need of a mystic aa spec/profile if anyone has a good one.. I've been working with it for a while now and i can't seem to get it right.
    Either his dps sucks or the healing sucks. Right now he over heals everything and with my gf playing her inquis in the group we don't need constant group heals.

    Anyone have a spec and profile they are willing to share?
  4. insanitywiz

    insanitywiz Senior Member

    So, um, turn off the priority combat buffs...
  5. battleaxe

    battleaxe Member

    To be honest, each person is going to spec and play a class differently, even if just by playing with different classes. Learn the class, if you haven't already, and tweak the spell lists as needed. There are no golden profiles, never will be.
  6. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    This really is true. I've not seen a single persons profile, that completely suited me. Shit, even the people I raid with (who use Ogre), I think are crazy for their profiles, usually just 1 or 2 items. There are tons of samples of how to do various things, but just tweaking one existing one will usually net you the best results (and probably be good learning, to tweak the rest).

    It's just impossible to have a "amazing" one if you're trying to balance healing and DPS, because people like me, would rather overheal than dps. People like primalz would rather squeeze out every little bit of DPS, and others want some ground in the middle, okay, so if you gave every single person in all groups the exact same gear, we may be able to agree on those profiles... Take someone in PoW gear, someone in SS raid gear, and DoV gear, those profiles won't work for each other, because the level of healing required is so vastly different.
  7. pr517

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    Do the profiles support probabilistic priorities? As in, instead of doing X before Y before Z, X before a 30% chance of Y before Z, etc. That would be closer to how a human makes decisions especially with regard to healing spells when trying to DPS. So then it would mash combat arts and sometimes do some reactives/wards (when the shit isn't hitting the fan), which is ideal.
  8. eddie43302

    eddie43302 Active Member

    Yea the bots work really well dont get me wrong.. heck me and my friend we have cleared ud raid zone already.. but sometimes the bot seems to have a hiccup,,like when im doing hardmode dracur and the elemental detriment comes up on group and if not cured ticks your life away fast. sometimes my healers wont cure it and ill be in the red like wtf.. and i even moved group cures up the priority list to number 1 to see if that helped but still dont.. and yes i have cancel abilities to group cure checked.. im wondering if it has to do with my dps list is so long on the inquis.. cause i like to let the healers dps. Or could be latency, who knows..

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