Interupting Spell Cast


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is there a way I can set one or more of my group to cast an interrupt on a mob when said mob starts to cast a particular spell?


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This might not be the best way, but I made a MCP button, this works OK for me.

Cast x3
interrupt spell name
interrupt spell name
interrupt spell name


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thanks for responding, but I meant an automated way, so when the mob starts to cast "XXXspell" characters will automatically cast an interupt


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You could try a feature request

While I'd imagine it can be done, I doubt it will be done. Its much easier to put a fast casting interrupt spell higher in the caststack, make an MCP button like suggested above or, and this is what I do, use your tanks taunt interrupt. I can only think of a few mobs that require it and Id imagine each mob/spell would have to be coded. Also if its for the contested zones, I would not hold my breath on it getting implemented.


obviously there is a way as bj's scripts do this on several fights. I suspect it would require coding knowledge to do however.
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I finally got around to adding it for public use. Patch # 108 will have a new OgreBot MCP Command (BJ_Movement_Interrupts) that will call the routine if BJ Movement is running.
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