Invalid Extension Version


Just purchased. I download the .dll and put it in ISXDK v35 folder. Getting the below error.

Invalid Extension Version. Inner Space is using ISXDK v35, and this extension was built with a different version.
To use this extension, you need to download a new version that supports the latest interface.
Extension 'isxri' could not be loaded


ISX Specialist
You got your ISXRI.dll from the link on this thread?

ISXRI isn't really supported regularly anymore, so you're probably on your own. ISXEQ2 and OgreBot are the only things still supported nowadays, as far as I know.
ISXRI is still supported, I just don't come on these forums very often as all support and anything else is done mostly on our discord channel @
ISXRI does currently work and any issues related to current content and the extension itself is handled there. That being said I have been living very rural for the last few months with limited access to the internet so have not had the ability to code anything in the most recent Game Update, but am hoping to have Starlink internet up and running soon and will dive right into coding that new content.
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