Is This Going To Work With Windows 10?


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Windows 10 is coming out and if you reserved it, the free upgrade install should happen soon if not already.
I got it on my laptop but not on my desktop PC yet.

Sadly, I don't think Eve Online works on Windows 10 yet and I was wondering if Innerspace and ISXEVE is going to work on Windows 10.

Anyone know?

I am hoping that Evebot and Stealthbot are going to be fixed soon.

I am holding off on upgrading my PC because if I can't play Eve, I will be severely depressed and have to play Freelancer or X series I guess, LOL.

Evebot miner works for normal belts but I doesn't seem to be able to count the roids in anomalies. I mean it shows zero in range and out of range, but if I manually target a roid before I startup evebot, it seems to work for now.

Thanks to you awesome devs and fine folks. I have enjoyed your support for years while I have played Eve off and on again.


I know it's not officially supported yet, but so far I've had no issues. Actually with win 7 I used to get incredible slow downs after zoning my group a few times and had to completely reboot. That problem (I believe it was a memory leak issue with the EQ2, not isx) has gone away since upgrading to Win10. Just go through the privacy settings if you upgrade though, they pretty much watch everything you do if you leave the default settings on.


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Good news, it works with Windows 10. I went back to windows 7 however because a lot of other programs wouldn't work right even in compatibility mode with windows 10. Also, it seems unstable and locks up my pc at times. Back to the devil I know! LOL
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