IsxEve Friendly Corps?


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I'm a recent (May-2007) Eve-Online player (3.8M skill points), but I've been playing MMO's for 9 years. In my last game (Everquest), I was part of a great group of players that had a lot of fun together and shared scripting (MQ2) advice regularly. I found it to be immensely helpful, sharing tips, ideas and scripts with each other. I'm looking for a corporation (or at least a gang ... lol!) that is "IsxEve friendly", if such a thing exists.

I know, it's best not to mention them by name.

We're all out there on the one Eve server farm. We probably pass each other in the vastness of space every once in a while. How do we find each other -- or is it best (vital!) that we remain anonymous IsxEve splinter cells?


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It's probably not very safe. CCP is very hardline with anything they consider bad for the game. If someone petitions you on suspicion of cheating they'll likely ban first and sort it out in your logs which is why I've said that even mentioning this plugin ingame is a bad idea. A person in my alliance was recently temp banned without warning because someone petitioned him for buying chinese isk. The person had no proof but CCP banned immediately and audited the account. Your best bet is probably to just hang on IRC.


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If you never mention isxeve, chances are you'll be safe forever. So much of the game "looks" automated anyway, so it's hard to catch folks unless they bring attention to themselves.

Make friends in IRC then if they invite you to join their corp, so be it.
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