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  1. Amadeus

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    Please note that most questions are answered in the installation/setup walk-through that I have created. Users are encouraged to follow through and read everything carefully before asking additional questions.

    1. How much will an ISXEVE subscription cost?
    An ISXEVE subscription is $10.00 every two months.

    2. Is there a trial period?
    No. However, ISXEVE does have a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with ISXEVE within the first 5 days of purchase, simply email Amadeusand your payment will be refunded in full. As long as it is within 5 days of purchase, there will be no questions asked as to why you wish to cancel your subscription and receive a refund.

    3. How is money being handled?
    Everything related to money is being handled by paypal.com. I will never see your financial information and I'm very happy about that.

    4. How do I cancel my subscription?
    Subscriptions are easy to cancel. CLICK HERE for a detailed walkthrough.

    5. How do I reactivate my account if it goes inactive, or if I cancelled it at some point?
    If, for any reason, your ISXEVE subscription is not 'active', all you need to do is follow the exact same procedure that you did when you originally subscribed. Once the subscription goes through, it will simply mark your account as 'active' in the database and you'll be good to go once more!

    6. If a subscription failed, how do I reset my account to 'active'?
    First, go to paypal.com and cancel your subscription entirely (so the database is set properly.) Then, fix your financial situation on paypal. Finally, follow the instructions given in #5 above.

    7. How many computers can I use with a single subscription?
    You can use three different computers with a single ISXEVE subscription within a 24 hour period. (IP Addresses are irrelevant.) If you wish to use ISXEVE for more that three computers, you can buy a second ISXEVE Subscription by clicking here. If you need more than six connections, please email Amadeus directly at amadeusmq@yahoo.com.

    8. What does my subscription grant me?
    An ISXEVE subscription grants you two things and two things only: access to the features available on the current version of ISXEVE for up to three different computers within a 24 hour time period, and free downloads of new versions of ISXEVE as they become available.

    9. Will the cost of having an ISXEVE subscription ever increase?
    It is my plan to raise the cost of ISXEVE as more people subscribe to the service; however, as long as your subscription is active, it is locked in price. In other words, if you have an active subscription and the cost of an ISXEVE subscription increases, your cost will not change.

    10. What if the cost of an ISXEVE subscription decreases?
    If the cost of an ISXEVE subscription decreases, then all you would need to do cancel your current subscription, wait for it to end, and then resubscribe using the new rate.

    11. How do I update and/or change the settings on my ISXEVE subscription?
    Honestly, the only thing that can be done with an ISXEVE subscription would be to change/update the funding source used by paypal when it makes your monthly payment. CLICK HERE for a detailed walk-through and explanation.

    12. Can you change/modify my subscription?
    The only thing I have control over is the subscription database. That dabase contains your ISXEVE Subscription password (encrpyted) and your user name. So, the only things I could do is change your password or simply remove you from the database. I CANNOT modify anything that is occurring with paypal.com, that includes:
    - I cannot change how much you pay per month.
    - I cannot resubscribe you.
    This is the beauty with using paypal. You are 100% safe and I am 100% free from responsibility. I do not have access to any of your personal/financial information, and I'm very happy about that.

    13. Why do I have to pay for an ISXEVE subscription? I already subscribe to InnerSpace...
    Why do you have to pay for EVE after you've already paid for Windows? The reasoning is the same in this instance: InnerSpace is the platform (ie, the 'operating system') and ISXEVE is the product ('software').

    14. I can't afford to pay for a subscription, can I get ISXEVE for free?

    15. I don't have a paypal account, can I use another method to pay?
    No. A paypal account is required. I'm sure if you try hard enough, you can get one (or at least, get access to one.)

    16. Can I offer services or goods in trade versus the monthly payment?
    I suppose you can email me if you want to propose something. However, unless it's something pretty cool I'll probably not be interested. With limited time, I just can't be dealing with a lot of exceptions going on simultaneously. Paypal subscriptions are easy and clean. But, if you feel you have something truly unique to offer, feel free to email and I'll consider it. Just don't be offended if you don't get a response.

    17. Now that I'm paying a subscription should I expect more support and faster releases than previously?
    Read number 8 above again. It's worded very carefully to indicate exactly what you can expect from your subscription.

    18. The popup "tool" that sets my authentication information for ISXEVE isn't working, how do I set that information manually?
    I have created a walk-through for entering your authentication information manually if the isxGamesUtility application does not function properly (for whatever reason) on your computer. CLICK HERE to access that walk-through.

    This should only be used if the primary method fails. The easiest/best way to set your information is to simply load the extension (after the subscription system goes live) and a window will pop up asking you to enter the information. Then it will save it for you, and you'll never have to worry about it again.
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    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    Please feel free to post questions on this thread. Be concise and professional.

    The following are not allowed:
    1. "Why" questions
    2. Discussion/Comments/Suggestions

    If you feel you have commentary that you wish to share, feel free to email it to amadeusmq@yahoo.com. I may or may not respond.

    EDIT: You may want to also view THIS THREAD. There were a few questions asked in the ISXEVE Subscription Service thread that I answered and most of them will apply to this service as well.
  3. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    Also, just to preempt issue in the future, I would like to bring everyone's attention especially to #8 in the original posting on this thread.

    In particular, the part that reads "... as they become available."

    I always release as quickly as possible; however, there are some times when it takes me a day or two (because of having a busy schedule or else because of a very nasty patch) to release a new version. Moreover, there may be times during the year when I'm out-of-town for a couple of days. So, keep this in mind. Your subcription does not grant you 30 days of usage per month. It grants you the updates when they're available and the access to load and run the extension -- that's all.
  4. Adambc72

    Adambc72 Active Member

    Can we just pay 60.00 for a year? or would you rather have the 5.00 a month?

    I do it monthly because if, for some odd reason or unforeseen tragedy, I was unable to continue making isxeq2 I wouldn't be required to issue refunds.
  5. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    If you cancel your subscription within the first five days (the trial period), your subscription ends at the conclusion of the trial period.

    There will be consequences for those that abuse the trial period.
  6. Override13

    Override13 Active Member

    I was going to ask. If I run it on 3 computers. Can I have more then 3 instance per computer? Can I have each of the 3 computers running 2 accounts?

  7. Ventari

    Ventari Active Member

    What exactly noting of 6 connections in Answer 7 means?
    There is limit on number of EVE clients running on one PC?

    TOMMTOMM Active Member

    noob ???? about account payment

    I been trying to get the account to work full time afterthe 5 days finally I saw that palpay was so out of date and credit card on it was no good I cancel all the 5 days acounts I made on it and up dated paypal info so its all up to date

    but now I got a shit load of isxeve accounts on my login that say canceled and finally the new one I made today
    that is active and will be my main one

    is there a way u could clear the others so I wont see them ??
    and only show the one I am paying for "the one active now"
  9. st!ff

    st!ff Member

    Three Vmware windows is «three different computers» or one?
  10. Ridain

    Ridain Member

    i dont think so i have had isx running on 3 computers at once.

    computer 1: 5 or 6 clients

    computer 2: 1 client

    computer 3: 3 clients.

    it didnt complain..
  11. arzipunk

    arzipunk Member

    No 5 day refund?

    it is not past my 5 days yet i am already charged for my first month. who do i get in contact with to change this?
  12. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    The trial period was removed. It was explained to you when you created your subscription on http://www.isxgames.com/isxeve/Acquisition_Step4.html :
    You received emails from me when you created your subscription and my email address is the one that is set as isxGames on paypal, so it should be pretty obvious where you should send email asking for a refund.

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