ISXEVE Update for Tyrannis 1.0.4


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The EVE patch on August 18, 2010 (Tyrannis 1.0.4) requires a MANUAL reinstall of ISXEVE. This is a one-time issue -- once you have manually reinstalled ISXEVE, then all future updates will be patched automatically as before. Forced manual reinstalls are very rare -- so, you should not expect this requirement again for quite some time.

To manually reinstall ISXEVE, simply download and run the attached installer. You do not need to uninstall ISXEVE prior to running this new installer -- it will simply copy over your current installation of ISXEVE.

Now, with regard to this update, there are a few issues that yet need to be fixed within ISXEVE. Known issues include:
* Universe TLO may cause crashes.
* Interstellar dtype may cause crashes.

If you find other issues, the best course of action is to log into IRC (, #isxeve) and say something in channel with specific information. Otherwise, you can post a thread on the forums.
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