ISXEVE Update (Jan 29, 2012)


The Maestro
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Tonight, the version of ISXEVE that has been known as "ISXEVE Beta" (for over 2 years) became the LIVE version of ISXEVE. Yes, the day we thought would never come has finally arrived.

This is a major update. Please read through the following points carefully before you ask any questions:

  1. EVEBot is compatible with this update. If you already use EVEBot, and you're having problems, please review the instructions in this thread. Otherwise, don't forget to "SVN Update" often!
  2. As far as I know, Stealthbot is completely compatible with this update. I think the only difference now is that you won't have to do any manual downloads!
  3. If you have made edits to any of these scripts, or if you have created your own custom scripts, you will need to review all of the patch notes for this release and make the changes yourself. The ISXEVEChanges.txt file will be on your computer in the /innerspace/Extensions directory, or you can find it online here.
  4. Some scripts that have been released on the forums are (or will soon) be updated, others may not. This will take some time as the changes, while logical and not overly complex, do take some time for script writers to digest.

Although the next few days may be a bit rocky as we adjust everything, I believe that you will find the end result to be quite amazing. The improvements brought about by this update are substantial, and you will notice it immediately.

Finally, I want to thank Cybertech for all of his hard work in making this all possible. It was originally going to be a very small update to ISXEVE (about two years ago), but it was like a snowball and took a lot longer to finish, and a lot more work to accomplish, than any of us had thought it would originally. My plan is that from this point forward, if/when Cybertech adds any (particularly complex) new features to ISXEVE, we will have a way for you all to show your appreciation prior to acquiring those new features (think of it as isxGames DLC ;) )
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