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  1. Cheeks1980

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    This is the error i am getting today.

    isxgamesPatcher HTTP Error Uknown error Access to the path C:\program files (X86) \innerspace\extensions\isxogre.dll.isxgamespatchertmp is denied.

    ISXOgre Error while updating a file. Please let kannkor know and he can investigate further.

    All seems to be working but Ia m not able to update this file it seems.

    I am admin on my computer.

    Thank you,

  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Just means you patched with more than 1 session running.

    It's fine.

    The technical of why...
    It loads ISXOgre.dll, so the file is in-use and can't be deleted, when it needs to be updated, it renames isxogre.dll to isxogre.dll.isxgamespatchertmp, unloads isxogre.dll (which is now really isxogre.dll.isxgamespatchertmp ), then deletes it.
    However, since a different session (say, IS2) also loaded isxogre.dll (isxogre.dll.isxgamespatchertmp), IS1 can't delete it because IS2 is using it.

    Therefore, next time you load a session, it will read off the new isxogre.dll (for real).
  3. Cheeks1980

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    Sweet Thank you for the fast reply.



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