LightsOut - Keeps 3D rendering off


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This is a VERY simple 10 line script designed to keep 3D rendering turned off until it gets included in EVEBot. I'll upload the .iss as well as paste the script.

in Scripts/lightsout.iss:
function main()
	variable int WaitTime = 50
	while (1 == 1)
		if (${EVE.Is3DDisplayOn})
		wait ${WaitTime}
Edit: I'd just like to let everyone know that I usually run at around 380MB mem usage per client. While using this script to keep rendering off, I drop to around 280MB mem usage per client. Are you all getting the same results?


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I turn 3D and UI off. It lets me run lower mem usage for longer. Looking at my logs, it jumps to around 800MB at around ~12 hours though. I'm fairly certain that is after Traq has gone down for daily down time. All in all, a really handy feature.


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hi, i am new to evebot how i can start the script?

or better how i can make it "autostart" ?

thnx in advance

edit: figured it out by myself, currently trying to add "EVE:ToggleUIDisplay" but doesnt work :)
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