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  1. bowie

    bowie Senior Member

    Can anyone help me fix this script for the new launcher?

    Code (Text):

    function main()
     if !${LavishScript.Executable.Find["ExeFile.exe"](exists)}
     ext isxeve
     wait 200
     uplink remote -connect PC_XBLADE
     ;uplink remote -connect PC_XPS
     wait 10
     wait 300
     run dronesave
     run dronebind
     run locmon
  2. CyberTech

    CyberTech Second-in-Command Staff Member

    The launcher script in the EVEBot source is generic, not just for EVEBot. Just add your bots you want to start to the switch in the main script, and add your uplink commands, rather than using this -- the EVEBot launcher has far more functionality than this script does, and already works, as a bonus :)

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