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  1. Lorgalis

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    Isle of Refuge Server

    I currently have 3 groups (medium to good gear (75-85k pot, not full hate or mounts yet) and can kill into T2 (I took a lot of time off this xpac and only recently came back).

    I'm on PST time, and looking for someone with compatible play times: typically 5pm-9pm PST Mon-Fri and most of the day Sat/Sun.

    Ideally I'd like to drop a group and go down to 2 to save some $$, so that means I am either looking for a partner with 2 groups, or 2 folks with 1 group (where we all have compatible schedules).

    Message me if interested.
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  2. eddie43302

    eddie43302 Active Member

    you didn't say what server.
  3. Lorgalis

    Lorgalis Active Member

    Right you were. I swore I put it in there, lol. Edited now.
  4. X_Merc

    X_Merc Member

    Im on IoR and have a group similar to yours hit me up
  5. Notme180

    Notme180 Active Member

    I am on IoR too. I have a single group of toons that I play, but have never raided with them. I am available Mon-Fri @ 8pm Pacific, Saturday 6am-12noon, and 8pm Pacific, and Sunday is variable.

    If anybody has similar play times and would like to put a raid together PM me here.

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