Looking for Testers! BJXPBot V. 3.02


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BJXPBot V. 3.02 is almost ready to be released, but I need some help testing it. Below are the patch notes for what has changed since the version that is currently on the SVN.

BJXPBot-2012.03.26, Version 3.02

	- Enable self revive
		- If you die perform the following actions:
			- Wait for a rez
			- Revive
			- Quit to login

BJXPBot-2012.03.13, Version 3.01

	- Added an inventory check button that will dump all heirloom, no-value items currently in your inventory into a listbox.  These items can be double-clicked to move them to the Potion Priority listbox on the right.  This allows you to set the potion priority list the way you want.
		- Allow customizable priority list (Like Ogre CA's)

	- [BUG] Resume button doesn't reset to Pause if the Stop button is pressed [FIXED]	

		- When the powerleveler dies and the Status is changed the Last Potion Consumed text will be changed to "Time of Death Listed Below" and Time of Last Potion Consumption will show the time of death.

BJXPBot-2012.02.13, Version 3.00


	- IRC Channel Script
		- Logs in to an irc channel and posts updates about ADV xp and AA xp earned
		- Check box to enable
		- Text fields for:
			- IRC Server
			- IRC Channel
			- IRC Nickname Suffix
	- Display the amount of looted coin		

	- Play a sound when a limit is reached
			- Set AA slider bar to XX% when ADV limit is reached.
			- Set AA slider bar to XX% when AA limit is reached.
			- Dropbox choices
					- Leave group option when limit is reached
					- Camp to login screen when limit is reached
					- Quit to login screen when limit is reached
					- Disable potion consumption
					- End entire script
	- Split ADV and AA level limits
		- Reworked how it determines if you have reached a limit or not (IE. At level 90 and 319 AA it should still let you run the script until you reach 320 AA)
		- Perform a limit check outside of the potion script so that limits will work correctly				
	- Time Limit Checkbox
		- You are no longer forced to select an end time.  Instead you must have the time limit checkbox checked to enable a time limit.  If the checkbox is unchecked, the script will run forever ... (or until you lose EQ2 server connection)
	- Tradeskill Level Limit
		- Added a TS level limit text entry box
	- Used to set the current game caps so that the user can easily adapt the script to future SOE updates without having to sort through the code.
		- Enter the current game max adventure level cap
		- Enter the current game max AA cap	
		- Enter the current game max tradeskill level cap
	- Dropdown list of groupmembers
		- Choose a group member to label as "powerleveler"
		- Check to see if the "powerleveler" is still alive.  If not, perform a selected command.
			- Play a sound
			- Pause script
			- Camp to login
			- Quit to login

	- Moved inventory potion scanning inside the main loop so that it is accessed every time it checks for potion usage		
	- Stats should no longer reset when the stop button is pressed or the script is ended
	- Consume a vitality item immediately when vitality = 0 instead of waiting for the next potion attempt

	- Converted times into hours, minutes and seconds format (HH:MM:SS)
	- [BUG]Time until next attempt doesn't count down [FIXED]
	- Monitor amount of ADV vitality and TS vitality and display it on the UI
	- Ability to split xp being tracked (IE. track adv and aa xp at the same time)
		- The following information has been added to the UI:
			- XP Gained (%) has been renamed to ADV XP Gained
			- XP Per Hour (%) has been renamed to ADV XP Per Hour
			- AA XP Gained
			- AA XP Per Hour
			- TS XP Gained
			- TS XP Per Hour
	- XP Gained (%) and XP Per Hour (%) changed formatting to LL.PP
		- L stands for level
		- P stands for percent	
	- Pause/Resume Button
SOE has confirmed a double xp weekend for Easter Weekend (next weekend) and I would like to have these updates ready to go before then.

What I am looking for:

People to use the script and provide feedback in this thread.

If you are interested in testing this for me please respond to this thread and PM me a contact email address where I can send the udpated files.


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So far I have two testers. I really want this tested and ready for use by this Friday (Double XP Weekend). Could use 1 to 2 more please.


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Thanks to those few people who sent me messages to help test things. Version 3.02 has been submitted to the SVN and is now available for all to download. Happy hunting during this weekends bonus xp and if you find any bugs please submit them here.


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everything works like a charm.tested revive function and love the statistic function.

thank you for a great release BJCASEY.
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