MadHatter's GUI, < Ver 1.0r1 >, ( June 2, 2007 )

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Version 1.0r1 Full Release - 060207

- Floating / Movable buttons for Sprint, Afterburner and Radar

- Custom Search Window for tracking NPCs, Resources, Players... etc

- Custom Port Window for your Porting Pleasure

- Auto Repair

- Auto Sell cash loot items

- Rare and Ultra Rare Resource scanner that dynamically detects your harvesting abilities

- Auto-Follow Anything

- Bot menu for Opening VGCraftbot and aBot ( currently in Beta )

This GUI is designed to make general play less keyboard intensive.

After this is loaded there will be a number of floating button int he upper Left corner. Reaarange these and they will save their position for next time you open it.

A new adventure and harvesting bot is in developement. This UI is the basic frontend for those Bots.

The new name for this bot is:

aBot: Adventuring Bot

hBot: Harvesting Bot

You can run this right away when VG starts to load ISXVG and the Base UI.

- Extract this file into you Scripts Directory

- type Run MH at the console

************************************************** **************

Credit is due to many community members going back to early MQ2 days.
I have used and Madified many pieces of other peoples code. If you feel
you would like name credit going forward, please PM me on the forum.


- Xeon

************************************************** **************

Thank you,

The Mad Hatter


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