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    Am I the only one that is having or had issues with this?

    I have a weapon that could normally be equipped in either the Primary Hand or Secondary Hand but I put an offhand epic on it. Now I can't get the :Equip method to work.

    Code (Text):
    Results in the following error:
    Designer error: default equipslot for item is restricted for that item.

    edited to add:

    Fixed it with the following:
    Code (Text):
    VGExecute /wear \"${weapon}\" secondaryhand
    Still doesn't fix the :Equip method but provides a working solution.
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  2. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    What is the exact thing you're typing to try and equip it with :Equip? It appears that it doesn't allow for a 'default', so you'd need to specify the slot. I'm just curious how you're doing it when specifying the slot. The examples you gave were generic and not specific to what you're actually doing.
  3. yumel

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    I've tried it on three different toons with three different weapons, all with different names.

    The issue seems to be when an Either Hand weapon has an epic augment in it that is Secondary Hand only that the :Equip method won't work. So, for instance, on my one of my toons the following code results in that error that I posted:
    Code (Text):

    Me.Inventory[Finch's Axe of Trickery +3]:Equip[Secondary Hand]
    Either Hand weapons with an epic augment that is for the Primary Hand only seem to work just fine.

    I don't have a Ranged item with an epic augment so I haven't tested that but I have tested Secondary Hand shields and focus for healers, casters and melee with epics and they can use the :Equip method just fine.

    If I had known about using the escape character before " then I would have posted this under bugs instead of tutorials as I guessed I was using VGExecute incorrectly which turned out to be true.
  4. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    I have written a quick routine that will un-equip your weapons and then re-equip them. It shows how I do it which when tested will work even when there is serious lag.

    Note: You must use quotation marks around the item because some items has comma's (such as Yanvil, Greatstaff of the Ages)

    Code (Text):

    function EquipItems()
        ;; Our variables used
        variable string LastPrimary = None
        variable string LastSecondary = None
        variable string LastTwoHands = None

        ;; Now save what is equipted to our variables
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Primary Hand](exists)}
            LastPrimary:Set["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Primary Hand]}"]
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Secondary Hand](exists)}
            LastSecondary:Set["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Secondary Hand]}"]
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Two Hands](exists)}
            LastTwoHands:Set["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,Two Hands]}"]

        ;; Display our vairiables
        echo LastPrimary=${LastPrimary}
        echo LastSecondary=${LastSecondary}
        echo LastTwoHands=${LastTwoHands}

        ;; Remove all items from the weapon slots
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Two Hands"](exists)}
            Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Two Hands"]:Unequip
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Primary Hand"](exists)}
            Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Primary Hand"]:Unequip
        if ${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Secondary Hand"](exists)}
            Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Secondary Hand"]:Unequip

        ;; Wait long enough till all weapon slots are empty
        wait 50 !${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Primary Hand"](exists)} && !${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Secondary Hand"](exists)} && !${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Two Hands"](exists)}

        ;; Now, requip all our saved weapons
        if !${LastPrimary.Equal[None]} && !${LastPrimary.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Primary Hand"]}"]}
            VGExecute /wear \"${LastPrimary}\" primaryhand
            wait 50 ${LastPrimary.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Primary Hand"]}"]}           
        if !${LastSecondary.Equal[None]} && !${LastSecondary.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Secondary Hand"]}"]}
            VGExecute /wear \"${LastSecondary}\" secondaryhand
            wait 50 ${LastSecondary.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Secondary Hand"]}"]}
        if !${LastTwoHands.Equal[None]} && !${LastTwoHands.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Two Hands"]}"]}
            VGExecute /wear \"${LastTwoHands}\"
            wait 50 ${LastTwoHands.Equal["${Me.Inventory[CurrentEquipSlot,"Two Hands"]}"]}  
  5. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    When I posted before, I just assumed you had looked up the "Equip" method; however, it appears that was not the case. The "Equip" method of the item datatype does not accept the 'slot' as a parameter. If you look back to when it was added to ISXVG in the patch notes:
    Code (Text):

    November 5, 2006 -- By Amadeus
    * Added the following MEMBER to the 'item' datatype:
      1. Index                       (int type)
    * Added the following METHODS to the 'item' datatype:
      1. Delete
    [COLOR=#ffff00]  2. Equip      (equips without prompting for "no drop on equip" confirmation)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffff00]     Equip[NDC] (asks for confirmation on "no drop on equip" item)[/COLOR]
    "Equip", as it exists in ISXVG, only allows for equipping to the default slot. The ability to choose a slot will need to be submitted as a feature request. (If you do submit it as a feature request, then please include the information at the top of this thread as reference on how you do it with /wear.)
  6. yumel

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    Sorry, mate. Could have sworn I saw an :Equip[slot] somewhere but I guess it wasn't anywhere official.


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