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  1. cybs

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    I was hoping that an update from a forced patch would fix the memory issue I am having but apparently not. It doesn't look like a memory leak, it looks more like Everquest2.exe isn't releasing info/textures/etc. like it should. If I stand still, the memory used is stable. As I start moving around, usage goes up and up until i start getting lag spikes and it eventually locks up and other nastiness. So here is what I have and what I've done:

    AMD Phenom II 955 BBE
    ASUS mobo
    ATI 5770 (Most recent drivers and yes I installed KB981013)
    WIndows 7 x64 Business
    SOE Station Launcher

    Deleted and reupdated all scripts.
    Reinstalled ISX
    Reinstalled Lavishsoft

    I would like to use the traditional EQ2 Launcher but the installer I found has some weird bug where it puts a new game launch icon in the Games. From what I read in the EQ2 Forums, SOE no longer supports the old skool launcher /sigh :*(

    I tried looking for the post that had like a few things to try, but I could only find the one referring to the KB. Any ideas?
  2. cybs

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    Did a little more searching and found the NoFog command. Did that and the amount of RAM used has slowed down but it's still going up still.
  3. mycroft

    mycroft Script Author: MyPrices

    Yes , still happens here also...

    What I do is if I see the memory ticking away I unload ISXEQ2 , run the task manager , this frees up the missing RAM once more then re-load , often the problem doesn't re-appear during that session.
  4. wolfppo

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    Try this make a folder in your program files name it "Sony" then inside it make a second folder named "EverQuest II" then place this in that folder and use it if it works your golden if not sorry for wasting 5 min of your time.

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  5. cybs

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    As much as I would like to use the traditional launcher, there is a bug with Win 7 where every time you launch EQ2, it adds a new EQ2 DoF icon in your games launch menu. From what I read in the forums, SOE doesn't support the old launcher anymore and won't fix the bug.

    In other words, if you launch EQ2 6 times in a day, you will have 6 EQ2 icons in your games menu. Over the course of a week, that menu can get pretty huge with EQ2 icons. And the only way to delete them is to edit the registry.
  6. mamrono

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    Weird i have Win 7 and i dont get any new manus every time i start eq2. I never "installed" eq2 on my pc i have a copy that i made from my xp computer a rough copy just the folder.
  7. flatlined

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    I use win7 64, installed by using the correct old eq2.exe in a folder of my choice. Works fine. No start link shortcut rubbish.

    I also did a full install of EQ2, again not using the new launcher, in the past, on a prior win7 install, and didn't see the problem mentioned.

    Not that I doubt it happens, but there's likely more to it than "win 7".
  8. Amadeus

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    If you read all the threads regarding memory issues on these forums you'll see that it's the ATI video card. My suggestion is that if you're addicted to ISXEQ2 -- use a different brand of video card as I have no idea why EverQuest2 would leak memory on one video card and not another.

    What is probably happening is that the leak is actually present in EverQuest2; however, something we're doing with innerspace and/or isxeq2 is exasperating this leak (i.e., we're calling something quite a bit more, or manipulating part of the client in a different way to get what we want to accomplished done, etc.)

    Either way, I don't think that it's fixable unless I knew EXACTLY what it was. If you come up with a script that leaks memory heavily and only does one thing, then I can look into that. Otherwise, simply stating that you leak memory ..and that you use an ATI card....is only repeating information that has already been stated here on the forums many, many times (i.e., see this thread: http://www.isxgames.com/forums/project.php?issueid=667)

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