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    This is an initial draft of a script to keep track of mob immunities and other information. Right now it will keep up with immunities and where on the mob your character needs to stick (front,back,etc..)

    It uses global variables for use in other scripts.

    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_ARCANE = FALSE
    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_COLD = FALSE
    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_FIRE = FALSE
    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_MENTAL = FALSE
    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_PHYSICAL = FALSE
    variable(global) bool IMMUNE_SPIRITUAL = FALSE

    variable(global) string STICK = ANY

    This information is stored in xml files by chunkname.

    There is a simple UI to update each mob and quickly see what is going on.

    This script works with multiple characters on the same computer using one xml file. You would just run this script along with any other macro you are currently using.

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  2. anongamer

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    If there is anything that would be useful along with this script please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions/comments.
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    Thanks mate. ill have a go with this tonight and see what data is coming out of it.


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