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I'm trying to buy all the items from lvl 2 to lvl 45 for transuting, I set everything as per the help file on the buying tab.

I don't see any run button on this tab, so I go to the sell tab and hit start scan. Nothing happens, never finishes cannning. I have nothing selected on the sell tab so that it does not get confused about what to do. I have the buy items box selected on the buy tab and i see my search come up when I select the row in the buying search grid. Comes up like this NoName S:2 E:45 T : 4.

What am I missing? I know I have used this before and it worked.


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Yeah I got the same issue buying I guess it does not work I followed this guy that comes with my prices but nothing seem to work.
Maximum Spend

The Maximum Spend option...

This option lets you set how much in TOTAL you are willing to spend when scanning for multiple items (Collection items / raws or mutables for example).


You want to buy some Ferrite Clusters , but don't want a set number and Ferrite Clusters are going for 90 copper and upwards on the broker.

You are willing to spend up to 1.5 Silver per cluster

You however do not want to spend more than 10 gold in total at this time.

So you put Ferrite Cluster in the name box.

Put 100000 in the Number box. (any high number will do)

Tick the Name Only tickbox

Enter 1 in the Silver box and 50 in the Copper box

Put 10 in the Gold box under 'Maximum Spend'

Press Save

During the next scan the script starts to buy all the cheaper ferrite clusters

Total Spend

200 at 90s 1g 80c

200 at 90s 3g 60c

150 at 95s 5g 2c

70 at 99s 5g 72c

50 at 1g 3s 6g 37s

200 at 1g 4s 9g 17s

The next broker entry has 900 ferrite clusters at 1 gold 40 silver each , but because you have spent 9g 17s already you only have 83 silver of your 10 gold limit left , so the script stops buying Ferrite Clusters and moves on to the next item.

So the script bought 870 ferrite clusters for 9g 17s and stopped.

Clicking on the entry in the buy list would now show 99,130 in the number box and 83 in the Silver Box under maximum Spend.

When you want to buy more ferrite clusters you can just change the Maximum Spend total to what you want to spend and it will start to buy them again next during it's next scan.
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