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  1. VianSK

    VianSK Well-Known Member

    Torn between 2:

    PC1: 2x Xeon 8 Core processors 3.5 GHz - 4.2 Turbo
    PC2: 1x Xeon 8 Core processor 3.7 GHz - 4.5 Turbo

    Play 6 on this pc.

    Video card for both is: Titan XP
    Memory for both is: 128 GB 2666MHz
    HDD for both is: Dual 1TB PCIe NVME

    What's your thoughts?
  2. bjcasey

    bjcasey ISX Specialist

    Out of those two, if it's specifically for EQ2, EQ2 does better on the faster processor.

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