New EVE "Feature" Regarding Crash Report Auto-Uploading

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A lot of folks are paranoid that CCP will now see that you are running ISXEVE/Innerspace due to a new feature they recently announced:
EVE will now automatically upload information about a crash to CCP when a crash occurs . No personal information or information about other programs is collected.
The good news is that I am almost certain that the InnerSpace crash handler will actually catch the crash and redirect the information to Lavishsoft.

However, if you are extremely paranoid, I did verify that the following instructions should shield you from any liability whatsoever:

  1. EDIT "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" (editor must be running as admin)
  2. ADD the line:

I will announce later if there is more information or if I decide upon another solution; however, for now, you should be safe (especially if you edit the hosts file.)
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