New Features Added Recently (sept/oct 2014)

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In case you missed it, I've added several new features to ISXEVE in the past few weeks:

I am also optimizing and fixing bugs as I go.

If you want to report any bugs and/or request any additional features for ISXEVE, please visit The Forge (Just be sure to click the "Issues" button and make sure someone hasn't already made the request before you post a new one.)

Also, for the most up-to-date information on what has been added/changed with regard to ISXEVE, visit the Patch Notes.


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And, today's release of ISXEVE includes a revamped interface for the 'chat' system:
October 10, 2014
* Added "Chat" TLO:
  1. Chat				   (evechat)
  2. Chat["ChannelName"]	(chatchannel)
  3. Chat[ChannelID#]	   (chatchannel)
* NEW Datatype: 'evechat'
New Members:
  1. ChannelCount		   (int)
New Methods:
  1. GetChannels[index:chatchannel]
* Datatype: 'chatchannel'
New/Updated Method(s):
  1. GetMembers[index:pilot]
  (Note:  This method will only return "recent speakers" for those types of channels that only display as such
		  in the user list.)
  2. GetMessages[index:chatchannelmessage]
  3. MarkAsRead  
  (Note:  The visual 'blinking' of the chat tab will remain; however, ISXEVE will properly report channel.NewMessageReceived as FALSE
		  after this method is used until another new message is received.)
  4. Send["Text"]
  5. Echo["Text", (charID#)]
  ++ NOTES for Send/Echo:
  ++ 1. 'Send' will broadcast any utf-8 string to the channel with the current player as the person speaking the text.  'Send' has a
  ++	 global throttle of one message ever 5 seconds, except for the "Local" channel in Jita; in that channel only one message every 40 
  ++	 seconds is allowed.   (These throttles only apply to using the "Send" method of the channel datatype.  You can
  ++	 still type messages and send them manually as often as you want.)   The throttles begin when ISXEVE is loaded.
  ++ 2. 'Echo' sends text to the local client's window, but NOT to other players in the channel.  In other words, it's a 
  ++	 "local echo only".  The second argument is optional but will set who the message is "from" -- if no second argument 
  ++	 is provided, it will be "from" the current player.  (Sidebar:  the charID# for "EVE System" is 1.)
  ++ 3.  If it is reported to me that folks are abusing 'Send' to spam channels or individuals, I will remove it and/or increase
  ++	 the throttles significantly.   BE A RESPONSIBLE PLAYER!
New/Updated Members:
  1. NewMessageReceived	 (bool)
  2. MOTD				   (string)
  3. CanSpeak			   (bool)
Removed Member:
  1. OwnerID
* New Datatype: 'chatchannelmessage'
New Members:
  1. Author				 (pilot)
  2. Message				(string)
  3. Timestamp			  (evetime)
* Datatype: 'eve'
Now deprecated Member(s):
  1. ChatChannel		  (Use Chat TLO)
  2. ChatChannelCount	 (Use chat.ChannelCount)
** 1.  The current implimentation of "Chat" in ISXEVE only deals with channels in which 
**	 the character is already participating.
** 2.  The only messages available via channel.GetMessages are those that are currently
**	 cached (typically, those that have been received while the player is online up to
**	 a maximum of 100 messages.)
** 3.  The EVE_OnChannelMessage event is still a supported feature of ISXEVE and is still
**	 available for use in scripts.
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