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June 28, 2009

A few weeks ago I began the process of converting my subscription system to one that will make life easier for everyone. This new system allows for much greater control for subscribers, as well as myself, for many of the tasks that are necessary to maintain an enterprise such as isxGames.

Today, I have implimented this system for ISXEVE. From this point forward, new subscribers will have an "isxGames Login" that will contain all of their subscription information. This single login will be used for all isxGames extensions for which the user has subscriptions, and will allow for users to manage their subscriptions in a single location.

For those that already have a subscription, you do not need to make any changes at all! The old system will continue to work as long as your subscription is active. For those that currently have ISXEVE subscriptions, you will only be exposed to this new system if your current subscription expires and you're required to create a new one. At that point, you would begin using the system.

Otherwise, if you have created a subscription after June 28, here are some useful links:
  • Membership Page -- This secure page includes information about your current subscriptions and links for changing funding sources, creating new subscriptions, etc. This page will also have the links necessary to fix problems with your subscription such as failed payments, etc.
  • ISXEVE Setup Walkthrough -- If you need to install ISXEVE on another computer and/or forgot to click on "Return to Merchant" after creating your subscription, this link will provide you with setup instructions.


The Maestro
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Technical Information
(This information is only provided on a FYI basis for those that are curious about such things. The average user can ignore this posting.)

The ISXEVE.xml file can now have up to three custom fields that involve authentication. These fields are:
  • "Paypal Email Address"
  • "Login"
  • "ISXEVE Password"
If you are using the OLD system, the "Login" field will be ignored entirely (and MUST be blank.) If the "Login" field contains any information at all, then the "Paypal Email Address" field will be ignored entirely.

The new authenticator will only write to the "Login" and "ISXEVE Password" fields. However, if you're still using the old system, you can use your paypal email address in the "Login" field will work just fine.

So -- basically, the authentication works this way:

1. Check for "Login" -- if "Login" is not blank, skip to 3.
2. Check for "Paypal Email Address" -- if not blank, use this value as login
3. Authenticate with server. If Login is an email address, then utilize old
system. Otherwise, utilize new system.


Additional Note:
Although the xml file will read "ISXEVE Password" the password that is used should be the 'isxGames password" that was used when creating the account that handles all isxGames subscriptions.
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