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  1. Asmodeus

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    Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place. How can I change the max amount of writs that can be done at a time in Ogre Craft ? I'd like to change it from 10 to say, 20.
  2. Nuprecon

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    It cannot be done, it will not be done, and any attempt to work around it will result in much mockery.

    The limits are in place on purpose, and frankly, we are lucky we get 10.
  3. TheHaydens

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    Keeps people from "Auto leveling" and helps in a small way to keep the economy somewhat functioning instead of flooding the t10 crafters everywhere and Plummeting the people who do it manually (+ other reason) but only thing you can do is stick with 10!!!
  4. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    The above 2 are correct. I'd like to add a few points to it also.

    Amadeus is the one that controls the writ count. He has allowed me to write Ogre Craft to be included with my products. However, because craft is controlled directly through isxeq2, he can disable it any time.

    Amadeus is very against any afk botting, for good reason. I know you're not asking for unlimited, but lets pretend it was, there would be people who would use it to level, then turn it off etc. There would be other people (abusers), who would leave it running for weeks on end, cranking out that few gold per writ. What that does is draws attention to them botting, which draws attention to SOE to crack down on botters.

    Last time I leveled a crafter, it took me 83 writs to go from level 20 to 92, so you only need to hit the button 8 more times.
  5. Asmodeus

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    I didn't think of it that way. Thanks for the responses.

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