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  1. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Ogre Harvest Bot **BETA**

    Available on ISXEQ2 SVN.

    Version history:
    Version 1.004 - Updated by Kannkor
    Rare total count now updates when you get them, rather than only when switching between windows forcing an update all.
    Collecting ! and ? should be fixed.. for real this time.. A side effect for now is you will get closer to all nodes. Feedback this if it is creating a problem. (Including ping-ponging)
    ! and ? counts were combined and should now work.

    Version 1.003 - Updated by Kannkor
    Fixed Tier 1 Dens not reporting correctly
    Added an option to play a sound on exit
    Removed Skill-up only option (did nothing)
    Made it so ? and ! can now be harvested
    **NOTE: FFA loot must be used for harvesting ! and ?. If you are running a combat bot also, disable the looting of it.

    Restrictions: This script automatically ends after 2 hours.

    This is NOT EQ2Harvest. EQ2OgreHarvest works in different ways, uses different methods. If you try to use EQ2OgreHarvest the same way as EQ2Harvest, you will most likely get frustrated. Yes, in the end they are the "same" - they both harvest.

    I'm going to use a comparsion of EQ2Harvest to show some differences.
    EQ2Harvest you created a path you would take. It would then navigate to down that path and collect any nodes along the way. Once no nodes were in the area, it would go back to the last point in the path and continue on. This means the path you took, was ALWAYS the same (minus the going to harvest the nodes).

    EQ2OgreHarvest doesn't use paths. It uses points. Lets take Antonica as an example. I turn on the mapper (explained more later). I start at NQ zone line and I name that spot "NQZone". I then run to SQ zone line, and name that "SQZone". I then run to Mage Tower, and call it "MageTower", and so on and so on. You just mapped out some of Antonica. Every spot you run with the mapper on, saves the information about it.
    Now, you tell the bot to go to: NQZone, then SQZone, then MageTower and harvest anything along the way. As the bot moves to nodes, this takes the bot "off the path" it originally had created. It then makes a new path from your current position rather than backtracking.
    In short, after every single node, the bot creates a new path to take to get to where it's going. As long as there is a single harvest up, you will never take the exact same path twice. You will always end up on your "points" (In this case, NQZone).

    Usage: Run Ogre Map
    The mapper maps EVERY single spot your character goes. All connections are 2 way. This means you NEED to be careful when mapping. Do NOT jump, do NOT run over cliffs, or go down hills you can't go back up.

    Three ways to create a map.
    Best possible map (the most manual work):
    Run the mapper, start at the position you want and name it (F2).
    Now, start harvesting (yes, manually) as you make your way towards your end position (an example, would be NQZone and SQZone). Once you get there, name your end point (F2). Turn around, and now run back and harvest (still, manually) until you make your way back.
    Why? The more region (or zone) you have mapped, the better the bot can function. By mapping a region it knows more about the lanescape you are on, and how it can navigate to each point (like nodes).

    Good map (a bit of manual work):
    Do the same as the above, except just run overtop of the nodes and don't harvest them. This will give the region a decent amount of information. Since you haven't harvested any of the nodes, you can only do this once or they will still be at the same spot.

    Lazy man's mapping:
    Start the mapper, name your start position. Run directly (without jumping/falling off cliffs etc) to your end point and name it.

    Great, we now have a basic map created. You can save the map (F11).

    In any of the scenarios above, you won't have the entire region mapped. Is it required to have the entire region mapped? Of course not, does it make life a little easier? Absolutely. After you have a basic map created, Ogre Harvest can map for you. It's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

    Lets get harvesting started!
    You can choose the order in which to load. I personally use the following:
    Run Ogre Map
    This loads the map, so it will continue mapping while we harvest.
    Run EQ2OgreHarvest
    This loads the harvest bot.
    I recommend leaving the defaults turned on. (You can turn on ? and ! if you want).
    On the right hand side at the top, click the "Refresh" button. Depending on the size of your map, this will take 1-20 seconds to refresh. Once it is completed, it will have your custom points (such as NQZone and SQZone). One at a time, add them. You can use the save button to save these (they save by zone).
    If you have a saved list already done, you can load them (you don't have to hit refresh to load).
    Once you are ready, hit "Start Ogre Harvest". There currently isn't a pause function, so if you want to "stop" it, you need to click Stop Ogre Harvest.
    Once it is started, I recommend clicking the "Switch to Stats Window".
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  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Known bugs:
    Console has a lot of spam (debugging info) - This is intended until beta is done.

    Multiple mapped regions within the same zone.
    If you are on a mapped region, and the bot is trying to get to another mapped region but has no way of doing so, it is unable to get there. For example: You map an area in front of NQZone, turn OFF the mapper, then go map in front of SQZone, then have the bot try to run there. It will not be able to navigate.
    Fix: Don't be a dumbass :) Make sure your maps have some kind of connections (by simply running with your mapper on connects the points). Working on other things also to help (rare).

    Multiple scripts
    EQ2OgreHarvest uses a custom actor array. If you have a second script that uses custom actor array running also, chances are they will continually fight and clear each other out and neither script will work. Fix: Don't use other scripts with custom actor arrays until this is narrowed down.
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  3. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Advanced information..

    Mapper uses boxes approximately the size of your character. It's +/- 1 for XZ and +/- 0.5 for Y. If you really want to change them, they are variables inside of EQ2OgreNavCreator inside of eq2ogrecommon. NOTE: I won't support or troubleshot problems with maps where default box values were changed.

    If you get aggro, EQ2OgreHarvest will pause. If you have a node as your target, it will clear your target and wait for aggro to be cleared.

    Other players:
    *****WARNING***** Currently there is no PC detection. DO NOT USE THIS AROUND PCs. If a node returns "In use" it will ignore it. This is on the TO-DO list, but since you shouldn't be using this while AFK, it wasn't important for beta.. :)

    You can inject this into any UI (unfortunately I have a feeling not many UI's out there will be large enough to do this). This is done by simply passing the ID of the tabcontrol unit. Note: You must pass the ID NOT THE FQN.
    runscript "${LavishScript.HomeDirectory}/Scripts/eq2ogreharvest/InjectTab ${TabControlEQ2OgreBot}"
    Where ${TabControlEQ2OgreBot} is the ID of the tabcontrol.
    Another example is inside of EQ2OgreHarvest.iss since it is a shell script to load the UI.
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  4. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    I highly recommend running the mapper while harvesting. Here is more than likely one cause of the problem. You run off the path to harvest, then you continue off the path to another node.. and so on and so forth. There is collision between you and the "mapped" area (could be a hill, could be a tree, could be a spec of dirt) so the bot doesn't know how to get back. As Nup mentioned, if you have the mapper running, the bot learns information about every step it takes

    Dens should be fixed :)
  5. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    You could run the mapper on multiple toons at the same time, however only 1 will "save", in which it would be the one that saves last. In normal circumstances, i wouldn't recommend it, as the more you map, the less need to run the mapper while harvesting is needed. But if you have a need to run 2 toons in the same zone, go ahead, you just won't get all of the map saved from the first toon.

    1) There is currently no preference saving. That is on the To-Do list.
    2) I plan to have it save last session, and total sessions. It's on the To-Do list, however quite low priority.
    3) Sure does, the order in which they appear, is the order the bot will navigate to them. So the order is up to you.
    Lets say you have 4, North, East, South, and West. If you add them in that order, the bot will Run N, E, S, W. If you add them in NSEW, it will run them in that order - N-S-E-W.

    You're welcome :)
  6. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    There are 2 ways. Run to the point with the mapper open ( You can use: Run ogre move PointNameHere ), once you get there, hit delete (F4 I think?).

    Or if you a crazy amount of useless custom points, just delete the file (located in: eq2OgreCommon/ZoneFiles ) and make a new one.
  7. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Currently EQ2bot can clear the memory that OgreHarvest uses. Pygar is aware and is working on resolving this. Currently there is nothing I can do to resolve.

    Hmm.. this is odd, since I believe it works off of a resource only array then passes the ID. I'll have a look at it. It's possible that the french version is different..? If you hang around in IRC, or can. Contact me there and I can have you test a few things. My name there is Kannkor.

    Yes there is a 2 hour time limit. I was required to limit the amount of AFK botting people could do, so a 2 hour time limit was needed. You are free to not use my bot.. :)

    Adding that should work. I just added it to mine I'll have to test if it's not working.

    Try this.. Double check the file has them in it, then reload everquest2.
  8. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Anyone having pingpong issues please do the following:

    Update from SVN
    Delete your map (scripts/Eq2OgreCommon/ZoneFiles/ )
    Make a new map
    Try harvesting again.

    If you get pingponging that you can re-produce (such as, you start the bot over and it starts pingponging again). Please send me the zone file so I can test it.

    It is VERY important that you delete your map if you are having problems, the updated mapper should resolve this. If not, it may be an issue with the Nav, in which case I need your map.
  9. sonatartica

    sonatartica Member

    have a little question, what's the max effective number we can set in fields for tether mode or roaming mode ?

    and late reply, I will try to go on IRC soon kannkor but i think my problem was caused by EQ2bot

    atm i'm running ogre harvest with eq2bot in tether mode it work for some time then stop doing anything when my toon (assassin) target himself for X raison, the bot set the harvest ressource to my char then loop

    anw until eq2bot is fixed we will not be able to use ogre harvest in combinaison with eq2bot :/

    but thx for the hard work.
  10. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    In theory, should be as far as you can see a node (basically on radar). It technically doesn't matter how far away the node is, the bot determines if it can safely make it there or not. If the answer is no, it won't go to it. If it can make it there (regardless of distance), it should go there.

    Having said that.. I never really tested the distance very much, since the defaults always got everything in my area.
  11. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

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