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    Ogre Navigation and Mapper Information

    This information is how to use Ogre Navigation, and the mapper. (OgreNav_Lib).
    This does not support flying or swimming.

    In many of the previous Navigations, you could plot out a specific path. OgreNav doesn't work like that. It plots out points. Then when you want to go some where, it determines the best way to get there, from all the points it has available to it.

    Usage: Ogre Map
    The mapper maps EVERY single spot your character goes. All connections are 2 way. This means you NEED to be careful when mapping. Do NOT jump, do NOT run over cliffs, or go down hills you can't go back up.

    How to create a map.
    While it technically doesn't matter why you are creating a map, I'll use some best practices and some examples to show how to create a map.

    #1 Rule. NEVER, EVER, name a point with a number only. It breaks your entire map. You have been warned.

    General Movement:
    Lets say you travel quite often to a zone that doesn't have any easy travel. So you wish for the bot to handle the movement for you. Lets take an example: In Antonica, you travel frequently from the NQ zone in, to the Mage Tower. (Yes, for now ignore there is the bird system, it's just an example!). Starting at the NQ zone in, you would start the mapper ( Ogre Map ). Because we'll want to travel back to this point, we'll want to name it. Press F2 and name it. I personally prefix everything. In this case "ZoneNQ". Now run to the Mage Tower, keeping in mind, these are the points the bot will navigate through to get there also. So no jumping, and no running off cliffs.
    When you arrive at the Mage Tower, press F2, and give it a name "MageTower". Now you can save and exit the mapper (F12). Your map is now completed for this journey. See below ( How to Navigate a Map ) to see how to travel between them.

    Ogre Craft:
    Ogre Craft has many different options for navigation. I'll touch on them a bit here.
    No map - It will use direct movement (face and run).
    Basic map - You map out the area, and it'll use that information.
    Custom points map - You map out the area AND give it specific named points to navigate too. This should be used as a last resort.

    No Map
    This should be obvious.. but you don't need a map for it.

    Basic Map
    Turn the mapper on ( Ogre Map ) and run around anywhere your toon would need to travel too. This includes on top of the fuel merchant, the crafting trables, the writ agent etc. You do NOT need to name any points at all. Simply running on top of them is fine. The bot can determine where they are.

    Custom Point Map
    This scenario is generally used for guild halls where decoration is more important than functionality.
    You map out the area, and you give each area a name. This name has to align with the Navigation tab in Ogre Craft.
    For example:
    You run to where the writ agent is, and name a point "RushOrderAgent". The bot will then move to this specific location, and assume it is within range of the Rush Order Agent. If you ever re-arrange your guild hall, you must update your map. This works great for Guild Halls that use "counters" which block Line Of Site (LOS) checks.

    Ogre Harvest:
    Best possible map (the most manual work):
    Run the mapper, start at the position you want and name it (F2).
    Now, start harvesting (yes, manually) as you make your way towards your end position (an example, would be NQZone and SQZone). Once you get there, name your end point (F2). Turn around, and now run back and harvest (still, manually) until you make your way back.
    Why? The more region (or zone) you have mapped, the better the bot can function. By mapping a region it knows more about the lanescape you are on, and how it can navigate to each point (like nodes).

    Good map (a bit of manual work):
    Do the same as the above, except just run overtop of the nodes and don't harvest them. This will give the region a decent amount of information. Since you haven't harvested any of the nodes, you can only do this once or they will still be at the same spot.

    Lazy man's mapping:
    Start the mapper, name your start position. Run directly (without jumping/falling off cliffs etc) to your end point and name it.

    Great, we now have a basic map created. You can save the map (F11).

    In any of the scenarios above, you won't have the entire region mapped. Is it required to have the entire region mapped? Of course not, does it make life a little easier? Absolutely. After you have a basic map created, Ogre Harvest can map for you. It's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

    How to Navigate a Map

    General Movement:
    There are a few ways to navigate with Ogre Nav.
    Basic: Use "ogre move" to navigate.
    Advanced: Create a script that loads OgreNav_Lib. Note: This will NOT be covered here. It is for advanced scripters. You can look at OgreMove.iss to see an example.

    Basic Usage:
    Usage: ogre move "Location"
    Note: If your location doesn't have spaces, you can't omit the quotes.
    With the basic movement, it requires you to have a target. It can be yourself, your pet, a mob, a node, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a target. Why? Because while you are Naving (moving), if you wish to interupt the movement, you can do so by simply clearing your target.
    Using the map we created above, if we wanted to get to the Mage Tower, we could do the following:
    Ogre move MageTower
    Then, if you wanted to move back to NQ, you could do:
    Ogre move ZoneNQ
    Lets say you can't remember what you named them, you can do:
    Ogre move list
    It will show you all the available points.
    A little advanced, if you have mapped out an area, and want to go to an area without giving it a name, you can use the location. This is done by using the "loc" keyword.
    Ogre move loc x y z
    Specific example: Ogre move loc 300 -10 -245.11
    Note: There are no commas.

    Ogre Craft:
    There's nothing you really need to do, other than make sure the appropriate options are selected on the Navigation tab.

    Ogre Harvest:
    Click here to see the Harvest thread.
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  2. Kevinshp

    Kevinshp Well-Known Member

    Can this be used in zones such as Drunder three to keep your toons from falling off the ramps when you fight trash going up to the named?
  3. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    You can use this for whatever you want. There's nothing in a mapper or nav that would prevent ogrebot's move behind from jumping you off a cliff. These aren't related.
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  4. brawlic_ratonga

    brawlic_ratonga Member

    For ogre nav, how would one set it to loop? I got the mapping, marking out points, saving the map, then using ogre move "randompointname" to move there, but how would I make it run a continuous loop? or is that too taboo?

    EDIT: Okay, so I figured out that you can select continuous loop via eq2ogre harvest.
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  5. inmysights

    inmysights Active Member

    I read all of this information, but where is the directions to start it and use it? all of that information is missing.
  6. Quigly4000

    Quigly4000 Active Member

    Just type "Ogre Map" into the console -- pretty sure that's all there is to it.
  7. popo

    popo Active Member

    I setup Ogre Mapper and when I hit "start movement" my toon doesn't move anywhere. But, I did notice the toon changed direction (but didn't move). So, I hit my "W" key to move forward and the toon walked the path exactly as mapped.

    Mapping worked, but its not moving forward....any idea?
  8. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Are you using AutoHunt in Ogrebot? Or OgreHarvest?

    Make sure that "Autorun" is set to Num Lock in EQ2, and wasd for the other movement keys.
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  9. popo

    popo Active Member

    Damn NumLock!

    Thanks, I'm rolling now.....
  10. fl0pster

    fl0pster Active Member

    Is there a way to impliment the use of the click to open a door into auto hunt?

    for example the door in sos?
  11. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Realistically, no.

    Most doors are different in eq2, they don't follow the same 'rules' like other things. It would take a lot of work to add door support into the Nav lib. Until a really big need arises, it's not a task I am planning to do.
  12. Isnewbie

    Isnewbie Well-Known Member

    I am using ogre move loc to move my guys. I have several coordinates entered into my Ogre MCP button. Is there a way to get Ogre to que up these coordinates so that the person running would move from one coordinate to the next once they arrived at their previous destination? Thank you.
  13. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    There is no native support for it, unless you have Ogrebot loaded.
    If so, you can load your path into the 'Auto-Hunt' tab, then check 'Movement Only', and they will do exactly that.

    However, you can't use locs in this tab, it has to be named points.
    Alternatively, you can make a script that cycles through each one. But you would have to capture as it finishes each one etc.
  14. Isnewbie

    Isnewbie Well-Known Member

    I would love to get into movement scripting. Is there a site where I can go to do some research? Thanks.
  15. Oren

    Oren Member

    Ok, now that ive broken the cardinal rule and named like 5 waypoints as a number... where do they save at so that i can go in and delete them?

    i thought i found it under ogre navigation >zones, but the points i named are still there.... strange..
  16. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Arg... I'm honestly not sure how realistic it is to fix.

    Here's the problem... Some where the number breaks it. It's been a long of years (that post was over 5 years ago). I *think*, if it's a number it uses it as an ID and not the name. What needs to be done is if I could track down where it happens, I could determine if it's only a number and add some letters in front of it like: WHYYOUBREAKRULE1_#. But... Debugging 5 year old scripts... That's a task for 'when I have time'.

    Here is the other problem with you trying to fix it. But here's how you would attempt to do it... I think.
    Load the .lso file in game, and re-save it to .xml.
    Edit the .xml, and you need to fix the names. Here's the problem, you have to fix it any where it exists, including the bad named point, but any connects that connect to the bad named point.
    You could try just deleting the bad named points, but I"m not sure what happens to the connections if you do that.
    Anyways, if you think you got that all "fixed up", you can then delete the .lso file (or rename it if you want to keep a copy of it), then try using the map. If it doesn't work, something likely went wrong, and at this stage you may just be remaking the entire map.
  17. Oren

    Oren Member

    Well good news!!!!

    The zone i was mapping wasnt one that was very important, so I just deleted the entire lso file that was associated with the zone at Scripts>EQ2OgreCommon>ZoneFiles

    Yes, you will lose all of your navigation and paths and stuff, but honestly, it took me like 20 mins to recreate. This is something entirely different that I am trying to get Ogre to do, and im super glad the solution was that easy.

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