OpenHangar.iss: Open station hangar and all containers within it


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This simple script will open your hangar (given that you're currently in a station), and then open all of the cargo containers within it.

This is especially useful if you're one of those people that tend to organize your hangar into categories (by using cargo containers.) It will save a lot of pointing and clicking since it will open all of these containers at once giving more of a sense of a hangar organized by 'folders' (similar to a corp hangar or POS)

NOTE: If this script doesn't seem to work for you as described, try increasing the 'wait 18' line to something more like 'wait 25' or 'wait 30'. That particular wait may have to be very large depending upon your network latency and/or the particular system in which you're currently residing (ie, Jita).

function main()
    if !${Me.InStation}
    ; Open Hangar
    wait 18
    variable index:item MyHangarItems
    variable int i = 1
    variable int MyHangarItemsCount
       if (${MyHangarItems.Get[${i}].GroupID} == 340)
          wait 5
          ; echo Container Found: ${MyHangarItems.Get[${i}].GivenName} - Opening...
    while ${i:Inc} <= ${MyHangarItemsCount}


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