OrePriority -- On the fly priority change! For EVEBot Stable or Stable_Beta


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Simple script, simple concept. Provides a UI to change priority and types of ore you wish to mine.

Extract both files from the zip into scripts folder, or scripts/evebot folder, and run orepriority.iss after running EVEBot. EVEBot *MUST* be running for this script to function, but does not need to be "started".

Highlight ores you wish to mine, using ctrl+click for multi-select. As soon as you click the Update button, the priorities will be changed in the running EVEBot. EVEBot will then save them to your config file when closed.

You may drag lines to sort them in the order you wish to mine. The bot will mine from top to bottom.

Please note that I will not be supporting this script, and I am releasing it on an as-is basis. There may be bugs, but in general this worked for me every time I used it.




I try to use this script but i can't

Someone know the exact command to write in that consol?



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Alright so this script is in my scripts fold when i run it, it says it ran and nothing comes up so how exaclt do i make this work? does it need to be in scripts/evebot or can it stay in scripts if i put it in scripts/evebot do i have to type run evebot/script
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