Patch Tues


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It was a forced patch today :( just a heads up

btw thank you for all the time and effort you guys put into this program... eq2+isx+ogre has become my fav game. i almost quit before i found out about this now i box EoW and EM raids and having a blast! after i got it about 6 ppl in my guild have it now and we are just having fun with keeping up with the jones'es


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Thanks for the heads. Up I have not been able to get isxeq2 to work at all today and was working fine yesterday.

I was in the same boat as you.. ready to give up before I found this amazing system. I also run eq2 + isxeq2 + ogre and having a blast crafting. Have some issues working with the adventure bot thou.
I am new to using this system if anyone could spare some words of wisdom.



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Idle in irc and you'll be notified on forced patch days and when amadeus has updated the extension.
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