Plane Of Disease - Outbreak

Last boss, Rallius Ratican.. i did this few days ago in normal heroic and had no issues. Tried doing it today on expert (with potion) and one toon always ends up aggroing all the bats... I gave up after about 5 attempts. Has anyone been experiencing an issue with this lately? I campspot, set up for, bard does his thing with bats, namer comes, get him to about 35% before someone gets ported to the middle and all the bats come...


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If your tank is a zerker and you have your epic 2.0/myth done, turn off or dont use your temp buff which is now group wide (open wounds maybe?) because it procs even though the toon ported isn't moving or attacking. If that's not it, then not sure but that got me on a newly minted zerker in my 2nd group of 6.
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