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New thread for releases of my modified Port UI, which provides a simple interface for creating and using VGPort bookmarks. Please use the feedback thread http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8525 for discussion.

The VGportUI.xml file goes into your Innerspace/Scripts/UI directory, and VGport.iss is a simple loader script you can use to activate it.

This is based on the work of XeonX which may well have been based on a work of somebody else...my thanks to all who contributed.



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This is a FYI for everyone:

When I released the functionality that makes this UI mod possible, I did not anticipate that it would lead to a public release of a UI window that allowed for easy 'porting'. My thought was that people would use it for emergencies and manually enter the information into the console.

In fact, having something like this released on the boards publically is a big sign saying "hey SOE, come here and nerf this!". Therefore, I think it is a bad idea. My preference would be that the authors would remove the release from the boards completely and keep it private for friends and family.

Therefore, although I will not remove it from the boards completely, I will be restricting discussion on it. There is to be no discussion on any of my forums in regards to this release. You can come to IRC and ask questions if you simply can't figure it out.
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