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I have a problem with the vga script, the details of which I have posted in the feedback thread.

In the interim, as a workaround, I would like to have my toon switch to a running posture anytime he finds himself in a walking posture.

The following confirms that he is in a walking posture

echo ${Me.ToPawn.Posture}
Now, how do I use this in a script to have him change posture..something along the lines of...

if ${Me.ToPawn.Posture.Equals[walking]}
VGExecute /run
/...which doesn't work by the way :)


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Hmmmm, I searched VGA and couldn't find any reference to posture being changed. Anyways, the following code is what you are looking for....

Use the following code:
if ${Pawn[me].Posture.Equal[walking]}
	VGExecute /Run
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