Problems On A Couple Of Personal Scripts


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Ok so I have been trying to write a script to put my toons plat into the Guild Bank at the end of the each day before I log out. I've got everything working up to the point of the Confirmation dialog that pops up at the end where you need to select Yes to confirm you want to deposit the coin ("Are you sure you want to deposit X to the guild bank"). I haven't found a UI page/element to interact with that dialog box, and I don't even know if it's possible to do so, but any info would be appreciated.

So after stalling on that part, I decided I would write a script to just have every toon just mail their coin to my main toon, who then could just deposit it later. But then I found that:


doesn't actually put anything into the Name text box. The syntax seems correct, as I have no problem entering things into the Subject field, and even the wiki uses this specific syntax as an example ( I would guess that maybe the reason it doesn't is because:


returns TextboxPlayerName rather than Textbox, and the AddToTextBox method only works on Textbox types, of which this isn't classified as. I don't know if this is a bug or if there is something I'm missing in trying to put the Recipient name into the field.


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Slight case of overcomplicated the problem may be going on here.

eq2execute guild bank_deposit_coin <bank#> <amount_in_copper>

so to drop 1000p in guild bank 1:

eq2execute guild bank_deposit_coin 1 1000000000


Or if you prefer...



Or if you really want to interact with the dialogs (which is good to know how to do for other reasons), you're looking at the ChoiceWindow TLO. ie, to blindly push the first button in that dialog:


to read the dialog,

echo ${ChoiceWindow.Text}



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Or if you can't read mangled smiliey code:

Thank you on both counts. I did not realize there was a command to interact with the guild bank directly. I scripted a few years ago but never found a way. So that is very useful information, and definitely much more simpler than what I had coded. At least this experience has been a good refresher for me to get into scripting for this game again, especially with interacting with the UI.

I knew of DoChoice, and have used it before, but I never thought to apply it to a yes/no dialog prompt like that. Thanks for letting me know that too.
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