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I have uninstalled Inner Space and ISXVG a couple of time now and have even gotten files from Kelly71 to try and help resolve the issues I am having. Now when I try and run ISXVG after launching Vanguard through Inner Space I am getting the following messages

ISXVG Subscription Active. Thank you!
...Please hold while the ISXVG patcher checks for updates...

isxGamesPatcher: Starting (Ver. 20090703.0001 by CyberTech/Amadeus)
isxGamesPatcher: Checking isxGamesPatcher: 1 file in manifest...
isxGamesPatcher: Checking ISXVG: 8 files in manifest...
isxGamesPatcher: Finished

Vanguard Extension for Innerspace (By Amadeus) *LOADED*
ERROR:: kbot.iss does not exist!
ERROR:: vga.iss does not exist!
ERROR:: vgfish.iss does not exist!
ERROR:: vgcraft.iss does not exist!

The above files are installed into ISXVGScripts folder in their own corresponding sub folders and Inner Space is installed into my programs folder on the same drive as the ISXVGScripts folder. This all started happening roughly three days ago after a Vaguard crash. I will readily admit I am not a programmer in any sense of the word so I cannot even begin to guess as to what is causing these errors.


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The above files are installed into ISXVGScripts folder
This is the problem. Your scripts should be in their own folder within your "Scripts" folder, and the "Scripts" folder should be in the same directory as InnerSpace.exe.

For example, you should have /innerspace/Scripts/vga/vga.iss /innerspace/Scripts/vgfish/vgfish.iss ...etc.
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