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Anyone had any luck getting this feature to work recently?

I had to reinstall so I copied all of my old profiles into the import folder. However no matter what profile I import, the imported profile is always Kannkor's default class profile.




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If you have the old files, just put them straight into the folder above import. That way when Ogre loads, it'll read that file and pick up all that info.


Hmmm.... NVM I think I must have accidentally overwrote my originals. I didn't realize that the profiles are actually housed within the EQ2Save file; probably because I named my profiles after my characters. But, I opened one up and I see now that these files house multiple profiles inside each character file.

When my FPS dropped to 4 on all of my accounts I did a complete reinstall, in a different directory, of eq2, isx, isxeq2, and ogre. After I verified the issue was fixed I just copied and overwrote my original install. Ugh...

Guess I'll chalk that one up to the learning curve... time to redo some profiles. :)

Thanks for the help!
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