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isxGames now offers a public github repository for all publicly released (open source) scripts. Users are encouraged to clone our public repository in order to see what has been released by users of isxGames extensions and to submit updates (or new scripts) of their own.

There are many ways to interact with a github repository on your local computer; however, my suggestion is to use TortoiseGit:
  • Download TortoiseGit from the internet at (be sure that you install the 32 or 64-bit version, depending upon your current operating system.) Install it and reboot your computer.
  • Using Windows Explorer, decide on a folder on your computer that you wish to store things that you download from Github. For example, I might create a folder C:\ISXEQ2Scripts\. Truthfully though, it could be anywhere you want.
  • In Windows Explorer, go that folder and right click your mouse in it. Once the 'right click' menu pops up, select the option "Git Clone"
  • When the next window opens, use the following settings:

  • Then click OK (you do not need to mess with the other settings.)

Once the download has completed, you can then browse the repository and copy/paste any scripts that you want to explore.

Submitting new scripts or updates
If you want to contribute to the script repository (or have your scripts added), please feel free to create an account on github, fork the repository, and then issue pull requests to the official repository. I suggest searching Google for some nice HOWTOs, etc. on doing this; however, here is a nice link to get you started: You might also benefit from the YouTube video below:
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Additional Information
  • Some projects have their own repository (e.g., "EVEBot".) Please see the release threads here on the forums for more information on those.
  • If you simply want to view the isxGames Public Scripts Repository on Github in your favorite browser, the link is
  • It is worth noting that github also supports SVN. This is great news for us, as it allows for end-users to be given instructions which allow for checking out specific directories in any location they wish. For example, EQ2Bot's release instructions show how a person can get just the "EQ2Bot" and "EQ2Common" directories from official repository, install them in the correct location for use with InnerSpace, and then keep them up-to-date just using "SVN Update" with TortoiseSVN.

    So, while developers and script writers will most likely want to use TortoiseGit and/or Git for Windows in order to interact well with github, etc., it turns out that it's actually a lot easier for the average user to be given instructions which continues to use the SVN protocol.
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