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Ok i have downloaded the script repository and it makes my interfaces for everything to do with the bots black, if i reinstall everything and download only the craft bot from the forums it shows the brown skin yet when i update with svn package it blacks out. any ideas? i do want the package deal.

Really bugging me iv tried a million things nothing works.


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Same trouble

I deleted all and tried out what you are talking about and it is true all black. Not sure how to fix it though lol


Script Author: VGA
Unfortunately, I am unable to duplicate the problem. Below are the following steps I use to install on a new computer:

1) Install SVN
2) Instal VG
3) Install the ISBoxer Bundle

That will ensure everything is installed correctly. Now, if you are having problems like I am, a temporary quick fix is to downgrade your Innerspace to build 5170 by extracting the files into the directory. Be sure to turn of "Always patch at startup" prior to downgrading to build 5170.

Don't forget to follow the steps to setup ISXVG.

Hope this helps.
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