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Hey all,

I haven't dug into lavishscript yet but I have used several other scripting languages in the past. Before I get started I was wanting some opinions on how much might be involved in making a script that:

*Has a small window
*Contains a sublist of your friendslist that are in the current chunk

Usage: On the FFA server you use your friends list to keep track of hosers. It would be advantageous to know if any on your "hoserlist" are nearby and get an alert similar to the normal friend "online" notification when they enter the chunk.


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There is no way to know who is in your current chunk, other than /who. Your client is only aware of PCs within about 100 meters.


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There is an easy way to get all pawns within a very large area around you (large enough to do just about everything you'd want other than sending out spam tells).

variable index:pawn Pawns

..that's it, now you have an array of pawns around you. See the wiki for more information.

And, frankly, the best thing to do is download/look at the scripts that are available on these forums and see how things are done. No one is going to walk you through anything here. You learn by looking at old scripts, the wiki, and the patch notes and making logical deductions.
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