question with ${Me.Heading}


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When zoomed out into 3rd person mode ${Me.Heading} seems to give the camera heading, and not the characters heading. Is this the way it is supposed to be? And if so, how would I get my characters heading when the camera is zoomed out of first person mode?

Test it with this:
function main()
	echo "[${Time}] --> Script Loaded"
	while 1
		echo "[${Time}] --> Target Heading:${Me.Target.Heading} ::: My Heading:${Me.Heading}"
		wait 10
Target an npc and then pan the camera out and rotate the camera and the ${Me.Heading} changes even though the character is still facing the same direction.

I am trying to use my heading and my targets heading to determine my position relative to the target. This won't work unless in first person. Is there a better way to check my position on the mob?
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